October 30, 2009

golden attitude

Leaving customers - or clients - with a feeling of being well looked after.  Each of us has customers or clients no matter what line of work we are in.

I observed a young man creating a great customer experience this week in the mall food fair.  My boys and I were shopping and stopped for a snack.  My eldest son arrived at the table with his food and an exclamation about what a great salesperson the fellow at the New York Fries was.  Interested in what behaviour had created this feeling in my son, I watched him myself for a few minutes.

His style was that of a performer.  He was juggling...an entertainer as well as a cashier.  He asked each customer about how their day was going...and in fact, whether they were having a fantastic day. Planting a seed of possibility.  His enthusiasm brought up the energy of the people buying fries and left them feeling a little happier, a little more positive, a little better from the experience.  He was probably making minimum wage.  If he continues to bring that enthusiasm to his work, he is worth his weight in gold.

Attitude is everything.

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