October 9, 2009

Newsletters rock

I started a newsletter in June.  I was inspired to do so by two things:  a workshop I attended (with Alan Weiss, author of Getting Started in Consulting ), and a book about the value of networks that a friend loaned me.

I am blessed to have a lot of very wonderful people in my life.  I am sure most have no idea how wonderful I think they are.  I know I do not do a good job of staying in touch with most of them.  A newsletter seemed a possible solution.  Sent out once a month and kept simple...a paragraph or two about what I have been up to, an article with some thoughts to ponder, and sometimes a link to a video, a picture, or a book.

I just sent out my fifth newsletter.  And I have discovered I love newsletters.  I love the days that follow newsletter day.  I am sending it now to 80 of my special people, and I add a few more people each month.  It has become this wonderful stream of connection...generating a flurry of thoughts and perspectives back.

I feel connected.  There's a reciprocal flow of energy.  I know how things are going for people. Sometimes they share what my article contributed to their day.  Sometimes they share a related story or quote that is a contribution to me.

Everyone should have a newsletter.  Newsletters rock.  I am blessed.

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