November 6, 2009

when the best ideas strike

My best ideas rarely come when I am sitting in front of my computer.  They arrive when I am driving in my car, or out walking, or standing in a line.  Or loading the dishwasher, or chatting in a coffee shop.

In traditional workplaces people are expected to generate good ideas and clear thoughts in front of their computers from Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 4:30.  Or in a meeting room, sitting around a table facing each other.

Maybe blocks in creativity don't have so much to do with timing as they have to do with the environment.  There's something about sitting in a cubicle and expecting ourselves to be creative and brilliant that just doesn't work.

This isn't new information.  It has been recognized for some time now in some high-performing companies.  Most of us have heard about the Google work environment.  Although initially met by some with disbelief and skepticism, there is no denying that Google is incredibly successful and the way they have their work environment designed gives them access to the best in their people.

Creating learning spaces that foster creativity and recognizing the value of a more flexible attitude to workplaces has made some small inroads in our government and corporate spaces.  The conversation has started in many places.

Does your workspace bring forth the best of your creativity and ideas?

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