April 30, 2010

checking in

How often do you check in with yourself to see if what you are spending your time doing is taking you to where you want to go?
Life tends to catch you up in its flow.  Your time is consumed by the immediate and the urgent.  Often someone else's immediate and urgent.
You may have clear goals for where you want your life to be going right now.  Or you may not, and it may simply be about what you value.  The activities, experiences or people in your life that most matter to you.
Pause for a moment and look at what you spent your time on in the past week.  Write it down.  Did you choose what occupied your time, or did someone else choose?  How well does how you spent your time mesh with what you would choose?  How do you feel about it?
If your list correlates well to your choice, then kudos to you.  You are probably feeling quite satisfied at the moment.  If it doesn't, then consider who is steering your ship.  If you don't choose, then someone else will choose for you.

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