May 11, 2010

be grateful for the seers

Another's perspective often holds a key to break through things that are holding us back.  Someone who is willing to offer up something that we can't (or won't) see for ourselves.
Each of us has someone in our life who 'sees' more than the average person.  Far more.  They make us uncomfortable at times.  We can't hide in their presence.  They know, better than we know ourselves, what stops us. And they notice when what we say we want and what we do aren't in line.  Or when we dance away from something we don't want to look at or think about by changing the topic.
I am not talking about the Dreamcrushers.  The people who tell you you can't do something, or that you don't have the skills for something, or that you ARE a certain way.  We can sometimes mistake Dreamcrushers for these other people.
I am going to call them Seers.  They are wise.  They have the interest to really listen to us.  The insight to clearly see something, perhaps in our attitude, that is holding us back.  They have the willingness and the courage to share that.  To hold us accountable.  So that our lives can rock. They believe in us.  And it takes courage, a lot of courage, because many of us shrink from that kind of feedback, instead of seeing it as the opportunity that it represents.  So we don't exactly express gratitude to them when they share.
Sometimes, we find what they have to say painful to hear. Yet something fundamentally shifts for us as a result of them sharing with us.
Seers give us gifts.
Are you willing to accept the gift?  Do you give these people the permission to be direct with you?

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