May 2, 2010

how good a judge of you are you?

Do you think you have a good sense of what you are capable of, and what you are not?
I'm not talking about the things you already are good at.  Each of us has skills we have achieved a level of mastery at.  Most of us stay there, in that zone.  The comfortable zone, where we continue to do the things we already know we are good at.
I am talking about capability.  What are you capable of?  Do you know?
Mostly our tendency is to not be a good judge of our own capabilities.  It has something to do with survival; our natural wiring is to keep ourselves safe.  The impact of this is that we hold ourselves back.  From opportunities to take on something new.  To contribute to something different, and possibly, in a way that is critically important to that project or initiative.  And what if your contribution is the one thing that transforms everything?
All there is to do is to notice situations and circumstances where you are inclined to hold yourself back.  And then choose to act anyhow.  Because the world needs more of us to have that attitude.

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