June 22, 2010

do you floss?

Do you floss your teeth?
We know it is 'good' to floss.  It makes our dental hygienist happy and dental cleanings less painful.  More than one of us has staggered, gums bleeding, from our dental office.  It is also about looking after yourself. 
Knowing that something is good for you is often not enough to make you do it.
Creating a habit of flossing is about more than healthy gums.  It's about integrity.  With yourself.  About whether you can give your word to yourself that you are going to do something and then do it.  Every day.
There is a tendency to think that our word to ourselves doesn't matter much.  No one else knows what you promised.  Only you do. 
It does matter. When you break your word with someone else, they begin to lose trust in you.  Break it a few times and they start to make up a story about who you are.  That you are always late.  Or that you don't pay back money they loan you.  Or that you are someone who cancels plans at the last minute.  
When you break your word to yourself, you make up the same stories.  And you believe them.  You believe the stories and your belief limits what you take on.  You won't take on things that don't mesh with the person you know yourself to be.
How many broken promises are you carrying around?  It can be a heavy burden.  The good news is, you can start to rebuild trust with yourself at any time.  Start with one thing.  A small thing.  Floss your teeth. 

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