June 20, 2010

the power of a relationship

A business that pays attention to the relationship that customers develop with employees has a tremendous advantage.
We can be drawn to the products or services of a business for many reasons.  Sometimes the brand attracts us, often word of mouth from friends.  Once hooked to try it, however, it is usually the person that we as customers relate to, not the company.  When we make a decision about returning to a store or a restaurant or re-engaging the services of someone, we think of the person we interacted with.  That experience can make it or break it.
If the product is at least good, the experience with the employee can make the difference in setting that business apart from all the others providing 'good' products.  If the product is exceptional, leveraging the customer relationship can knock it out of the park.
Businesses have multiple points of contact with their customers.  As customers, our impression is formed from every interaction.  The cashier, receptionist, shelf-stocker, hostess, waitress, maid, maintenance person, security guard.  Every single interaction matters.
For any of us, this presents a huge opportunity.  Creating a good relationship with customers is entirely within our control.  It is aided by a little mindfulness.  How do you want your customers or clients to feel, and what are you doing to create that?

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