October 8, 2010

how do you connect with others?

I have several different ways to connect with people.
I have my newsletter.  I just finished the seventeenth edition. I have been writing it long enough now that it feels comfortable, a known thing.  I look forward to newsletter day, and the opportunity to reconnect with many of the relationships in my life. I send it out to the people who I 'know'.  They are a deeper set of relationships.  I am thinking of them as I write it.  What would be interesting for them? What do they want to hear about?
There is twitter.  Twitter is fascinating and, after 450 tweets, I am getting the hang of it.  I do not know some of my followers.  Of what I am about, what would be of interest, a contribution to them?  When people choose to follow me on twitter, they have an expectation of some sort, and I don't know what it is.  All there is to do is to offer up my insights and thoughts, and people will either follow me or not.

I have this blog. It is a little like twitter.  I don't know who will read it, and what they are looking for.  Again, I think about what I have to offer, what insights and perspective. And I write about that and hope that my readers find value for themselves.
My favourite means of connection is face-to-face.  I love getting together with people and catching up, having a conversation.  Over food or drink is best.  Since taking on the OpenGovWest BC conference, I have greatly increased both my coffee consumption and my meetings with new people.  The conference, and what its theme (open government) represents to each of us, is the link that draws us together.
What is your favourite way to connect with other people?

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  1. I wish there was a "like" button on your blog. I like this one the best I think.