November 16, 2010

Goal setting through

Have you ever worked long and hard at something, had it come together successfully, and then fallen flat afterwards?
What happens?
Forward momentum is as a result of goals.  We move towards what we think about, whether we realize we are setting goals or not.  Being more deliberate about the process results in more clearly defined goals, and a higher likelihood of getting what we really want.  
When defining a goal, it seems to be human nature to stop at the goal.  We rarely think beyond the big event:  running the race, holding the conference, delivering the baby.
And so, the source of the flattening after the goal occurs.  We got there.  We made it happen.  Now what?  Often, 'now what' is a period of deflation and lack of focus, until you realize what is going on (or not) and set new goals.
Consider trying a different approach.  Next time you set a goal for yourself, think beyond the big event to what comes next. And define the next goal before you close in on the first one.

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  1. Thanks for your post Donna! It is something that I need to remember as well. I try to remember to build in 'crash' days after reaching these big deadlines to give me a chance to decompress and enjoy some down time. I like to think of it as gliding down the backside of a big hill I just rode up; enjoying the feeling of freedom until I come to the next big hill.