December 25, 2010

the best of times

It's Christmas Day.  I am thinking back, over the year behind me.
Over the past couple of days, air travelers in Europe have been struggling with weather issues.  Freezing temperatures, snow, and shortages of antifreeze.  I have read the articles, including one that said (of the people stuck in the Paris airport, flights cancelled) that 'their Christmas was ruined'.
Those travellers have a story to tell, over and over.  About the Christmas morning they spent at the airport.  And how the airport staff arranged for Father Christmas to visit, and for small gifts for all, and breakfast to be served.
These travelers now have a story to share, for their whole lives.  About the adventure they had.  Different than what they expected.
How anything that happens in our lives occurs - and how it lives on, in our stories - is up to us.  Some circumstances could suggest an occasion or event is ruined. Or not.
It is completely up to us as to how we choose to view it.  And that is an amazingly powerful choice, isn't it?

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