December 13, 2010

A Time for Increased Collaboration

Below is another an article from my newsletter, this time from vol. 1 no. 7. It seems even more timely to me now.
As we prepare to enter a new year, that this could be the perfect time for each of us to actively seek opportunities to collaborate more with others.
Several times lately, a passage in a book by Nathaniel Branden has popped into my mind that states, in essence, “…and what else can I do?”
 No matter how much effort we have expended on something, no matter how difficult or insurmountable a particular challenge or relationship or business problem may seem, it is always possible to do more. We are intelligent, capable, resourceful, committed individuals. We can be the ones who continue to look for solutions when others become resigned or give up.
I think about the continued challenges faced by government friends with severely constrained budgets and expectations placed on them to continue to move good initiatives forward. I think about the forest sector, and the challenges faced by those trying to reinvent it for the future. I think about the provincial economy as a whole, and the talented and committed people who want to do their part to put B.C. on the map as a place where great things happen.
Is it possible to do more together than we can do individually? I believe so. The old fiefdom-based, knowledge-is-power culture is fading, albeit more slowly in some areas than others. In the circles I touch, varying degrees of collaboration are in use. People working together to solve problems, sharing ideas, sharing successes so that others can benefit from what has been done already. Acknowledgement and understanding of the benefits for all if ‘the group’ – whoever that group may be in the particular instance – succeeds.
Collaboration is possible even between businesses in a competitive environment. There are always areas where the results possible from collaboration exceed what is possible independently. Where a common effort to solve problems or raise awareness or improve relationships and reputations collectively benefits the larger group. The rewards are there. The challenge is identifying those opportunities. And that takes courage and creativity.
What if you took on seeking more opportunities to work with others, as you head into this new year?

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