December 27, 2010

what are you creating for 2011?

This is often the time of year for reflection.  Looking back, and looking forward.  Those who find new year's resolutions help them to focus on changes they want to make are busy thinking of resolutions for the new year.
I am not a new year's resolution type.  However, I believe we move towards what we think about, and that having goals to steer the course is essential.  So I am spending some time thinking about what I want for the upcoming year.
What's on my list so far? Creating 'home', not merely a house. Calm. Gratitude. Connections. Lots of writing.  Sharing. Fun. Stretching myself to do things I think I cannot do. Less second guessing, more doing. Promising that I will check in often with myself, to adjust course if necessary.
What about you?  Are you developing goals or resolutions for the coming year?  Have you thought about what you want to make happen in 2011?
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