December 30, 2010

Year in review

In response to this #YearInReview blog post by Seth Godin, I've made a list of what I shipped in 2010.

As Seth defines it, 'shipping' is about what you make happen, what you deliver.  In particular, what scares you, that you do anyway.

Often, we have great ideas but don't take the steps to make them happen.  It is the making them happen that matters.

I took on shipping this year, because I read Seth's book Linchpin in 2010.  And I took on fear, too, and the power of the reminder on my favourite mug.
My list isn't nearly as impressive as Seth's.  For me, though, some of these things were a big stretch at the time. Now, maybe not so much.
  • public speaking - Joined toastmasters. Gave a keynote speech. Moderated a panel. 
  • blog - Published 43 blog posts.  Took on delivering short, clear messages.
  • newsletter - Shipped 12 newsletters. 
  • twitter - transitioned from awkward to useful on twitter. Now, relish its structure for concise and clear communication.
  • supplier lists and supply arrangements - 30 or so proposals written in 2010 mean I am now on a total of seven pre-qualified lists or supply arrangements to provide my services. 
  • adventure - A 5,000 km road trip to the Oregon sand dunes, San Francisco, Disney and Los Angeles with my two boys.
  • experience - Spent two weeks in small town Mexico, living simply and working remotely.
  • event - Led a team to make the first open government conference in British Columbia happen.
  • relationships - along the way, I have built a set of amazing new relationships with inspiring people.

    I have already been thinking about what I will be shipping in 2011.

    Thanks Seth, for suggesting we take on making our own list.

    Have you thought about what you shipped in 2010?  I bet it's a good list.

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