January 7, 2011

no more shoulds

I have a challenge for you to take on. Are you interested?

Give up using the word SHOULD for a week.

The meaning of the word is to do something out of obligation or duty.  Doing something for these reasons is not powerful. None of us like having to do something.  It is much more pleasant and frankly inspiring to have choice in anything that we do.

As well, anytime we use the word should for ourselves or for others, we are referring to something that isn't being done. The word contains guilt or shame, sometimes regret. It can also leave you feeling victimized by your circumstances.  Overall, not very inspiring.  In fact, downright flattening.

What if you could give up the word and the feeling that goes with it, and have something powerful instead?

The next time a thought comes up about something you think you 'should' be doing, stop and think about it.  Why do you think you should be doing it? Is it because someone else thinks so? Is it what you think society expects you to do? How committed are you, yourself, to it?

It's your level of commitment that matters. If you really want to be doing it, then replace should with want. Or, even better, replace should with the most powerful word of all, choose.

It might seem that the only thing that will have changed for you is your language around what you are doing.  But this change can have a huge impact on your attitude toward it.  A shift from victim of your circumstances to being powerfully in the driver's seat of your life.

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