August 17, 2011

allowing room for failure

When you are good at something, others pay attention.  You are asked to do more of it.  Others learn that you are good at it, and they expect you to do it well.

Not only do others expect you to do it well, but you expect yourself to do it well too.   

As you do the thing more often, the bar creeps higher.  Every time you do it.  Eventually, it might occur to you that failure is not an option.

If you believe there is no room for failure, you are less inclined to push the envelope.  To try something different, something new.  To completely reinvent the thing that you are so good at.  It is far easier - and safer - to stay with the tried and true.  Even if the tried and true produces good results and reinventing it could produce extraordinary results. 

Innovation thrives in an environment where failure is an acceptable outcome.  A mindset of 'there is no room for failure' can kill innovation.

Do you allow yourself room for failing?

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