December 4, 2011

accomplishment and success

I had an interesting experience this week.  A significant result was reached in something I had been involved in.  Along with others, I had expended considerable effort towards the project.  I was congratulated for my contribution towards the result.

I didn't experience joy, or excitement, or a sense of accomplishment.  Why was that? 

Because I hadn't set the end result as a goal.  It was something that I supported, fully believed in, and contributed effort towards.  But I had never taken the time to set any conscious goals around it.  So I cheated myself out of the sense of accomplishment that I might otherwise have had.

How important is a sense of accomplishment?  It is important.  Success feeds on itself.  Everything that you accomplish through your work acts as a foundation for what's next.  Setting things up so that you have the opportunity to experience the accomplishment is an important part of contributing your best work.

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