January 1, 2012

Reflection - 2011's Year in Review

A year ago, in response to a post by Seth Godin, I wrote a post that reflected back on what I had shipped (Seth's terminology) in 2010...what I made happen or delivered. As we once again transition from one year into another, it's time to take a look back at 2011.

Here's my list for what I shipped or accomplished in 2011...

  • Designed, developed and facilitated a popular and effective curriculum for organizational champions
  • Worked with several professional teams to resolve conflict, increase effectiveness and improve productivity 
  • Collaborated on the design, writing and release of an online customer service curriculum
  • Competed for and was successfully awarded a corporate supply arrangement for developing curriculum and delivering training
  • Competed for and won a spot on a pre-qualified list for the facilitation of citizen engagement initiatives
  • Explored a country I had never been to before, rich in culture and history
  • Experienced Venice and the Cinque Terre
  • Made pasta from scratch with an Italian chef in Florence
  • Tweeted 800 times
  • Published 18 blog posts, several of which were popular with readers, including this one which shared about the potential contribution of non-developer citizens
  • Increased the profile of this blog, nearly doubling the number of unique visitors over the previous year
  • Published 6 issues of the Prosperous Times professional newsletter
  • Helped organize and facilitate 11 open data hackathons for OpenDataBC
  • continued to build and foster relationships with many amazing people
  • Created a home office with capacity for brainstorming, creativity, beauty, warmth, storage and communication
Also, just before the start of 2011, I made a list of intentions for the coming year. Such as wanting to create a home instead of merely a house. Creating calm, gratitude, connections, writing, sharing, fun, stretching outside what's comfortable. And more doing and less second-guessing, checking in with myself more often.

How did I do with my list?  A few gallons of paint, more time, some different furniture and fixtures and my house does feel a lot more like a home.  Over the year, there were many moments to focus on being calm and grateful. Lots of writing. Many opportunities for fun and adventure.  

Along the way, I also dove into many situations that I would have resisted before.  Meeting new people, sharing ideas and perspective, designing ways to contribute to projects, rather than waiting for projects to find me. The second-guessing voice was silenced with less effort.

It can be easy to stay looking forward, and not pause to reflect on what you've made happen. Now might be a good time for you to take a moment to reflect and celebrate what you accomplished or shipped in 2011. And share it, with family, friends, or maybe here on this blog. And, take a few moments to think about what you intend for 2012. 
I, too, will be thinking about what to create in 2012 over the next few days and will post it here.

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