February 26, 2012

Maybe say yes

Time passes at a reasonable speed.  Life is full.

When busy, which seems to be always, there isn't enough time to fit in all of the responsibilities.  How can one possibly find time for anything more?  The default is saying no to anything extra, those spontaneous opportunities that pop up, unplanned.  No, I have to work.  No, I have to clean the bathroom. No, I have to pay the bills.  No, I am too tired.

Sometimes, those spontaneous opportunities are where the juiciest experiences are.  The things you will remember when you look back on your year.  A friend from out of town calling with a two hour window for a visit.  A child inviting you to watch a movie.  A beam of sunshine beckoning you to the garden for a peek at what is springing up with the spring.  A dog wistfully eyeing you for a walk.

Are you finding the time to fit in those experiences?  The next time something pops up, unplanned, pause before that word 'no' is spoken, and maybe replace it with a 'yes'.  And see what happens.

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